Power Services

Power Services

Lastonfields’ power generation equipment and services provide business continuity and stability in uncertain operating environments.

As a global supplier in power rental, we can help your business to improve productivity, create opportunities and reduce risk by avoiding costly downtime, improving process performance and responding in an emergency.

At Lastonfields, our goals are to capitalize on environmental leadership and low-carbon emission energy and to run our fleet of plants at world-class levels. Lastonfields Generation’s operating excellence is central to our continuing success.

Our temporary solutions can address business needs across:

  • Power Generation
  • Temperature Control

With our network of local service centres, problem solving expertise and 24-hour emergency availability, our customers always have the equipment and support they need. We also provide:

  • Event Services
  • Process Services

Lastonfields equipment and services are available 24/7 through our network of service centres.