Oil & Gas Services



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Oil and Gas

We market crude oil and refined petroleum products and natural gas globally. We handle huge volumes of supply of the world’s daily oil consumption. Our oil business is supported by a wide range of logistics, freight and storage facilities.

We source, store, blend and deliver cost-effective products to our customers worldwide. Within our logistics trading team, we have an active market presence in gasoline, gasoil, LNG, naphthalene etc.

We have built up key relationships in every core trading region of the world, including national oil companies, major refiners, and numerous downstream partners.

Lastonfields through its partners across the globe charters ships (VLCC) to reach refineries and consumers in a timely and cost effective manner, making us the trusted leading logistics company. One of the few with a global presence and comprehensive product coverage. We have extensive logistical and storage capability around the world. As a global trading house we have a detailed overview of macro and micro trends in our business fields. As physical traders, we gain first-hand experience of economic fundamentals as they play out on the ground. We emphasize service and performance.

Over the years, Lastonfields has built a sturdy market reputation as a reliable and competitive supplier of quality petroleum products on a timely basis. Success in our business requires extensive market knowledge and logistics capability.