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Offshore and Onshore Engineering Services

Lastonfields is a leading Engineering, Procurement, Project Management and Construction Company with distinctive capabilities in the design and execution of Medium and Large-scale offshore and onshore Oil and Gas, Power Plants and Mining Projects. With its Technological Competence, high Technical and Financial Capabilities, Lastonfields delivers complex Engineering and Construction Projects focusing on Efficiency in terms of Cost, Timing, Quality, Safety and Flexibility.

The company has very strong, technologically advanced and highly skilled and world class engineering and project management expertise with unique capabilities and competences that represent an EPC company with unmatched industrial model in projects delivery.

Lastonfields is among the most reliable international Contractors able to cover all aspects of the complex and demanding construction activities on both sea and land. In this expanding turn-key projects world, Lastonfields constantly faces the complexity of the offshore developments directly on-site, embracing the oil & gas industry challenging needs with great experience and technical know-how, through its human assets and huge investments in machinery.

Offshore Services

Lastonfields provides offshore contract drilling services to the energy industry around the globe and is a leading provider of shallow and deepwater drilling services. Our customers are the world's oil companies ("operators"), and our sole job is to drill and complete wells at the direction of our customers. This entails running production casing, stimulation work, and zonal isolation to allow the well to flow hydrocarbons.

Because we work offshore, often in remote locations, each of our drilling rigs is largely self-sufficient. When contracted, they come with a full crew and the equipment and supplies needed to carry out the assigned task, be it one short well or multiple years of work

Petrochemical & Refining

Lastonfields has over the years played an integral role in the petroleum refining marketplace in which we have been involved in the design and construction of refining units across the globe. With our low capital cost and high on quality and reliability, we are come across as one of the trusted full engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning/start-up (EPC-CS) services for a world of clients.

We have the downstream technology and expertise to increase long-term reliability while reducing operating costs.

Onshore/Offshore pipeline Installation

Onshore/Offshore pipeline Installation has been one of the most exclusive works from Lastonfields Limited activities since inception. The works that are handled by us are listed below.

  • Welding and Installation of pipelines
  • Floatation, Shifting and Sinking of Pipe Lines.
  • Installation of Pipe Line on Sea Bed

Lastonfields delivers first class, safe and unmatched customer service in both onshore and offshore pipeline construction.

We deliver deep counterbore precision, rapid cycle times and superior surface finishes, using the safest pipe handling system available. Safety is optimized in this system with incoming and outgoing mechanized pipe handling racks that require no manual pipe handling.

Other important services in our pipeline offering include laser pipe dimensioning for pipe end matching, coating and coating removal, automated weld profiling, and welding alignment and rounding clamps, all designed to provide an optimal fit up and consistent weld quality. These services deliver dependability and efficiency to onshore and offshore pipeline construction.

Brief, Lastonfields is into the engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of offshore and onshore pipelines, including associated facilities such as compressor, pump and metering/regulator stations.

We undertake these by

  • Due-diligence studies, route selection & right-of-way/environmental permitting
  • Pipeline engineering, design verification & size optimization
  • Gas distribution systems optimization
  • Materials engineering
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Corrosion & integrity management