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The PGW is the most compact, totally automatic machine in our line of products. This machine is dependant on the confirmed 3P platform that's been fabricated since 2005.

grommet makerThe PGW utilizes pneumatics and a handle system that is strong to create force that is sufficient to set loops in a wide variety of cloths, including particular webbing materials. It's available with several configurations including an optional Mobile Base for transportability, to offer optimum versatility.

Powered, no electrical required
With webbing support · Satisfactory power to cut through many fabrics, even
· Gives several capacities normally found on machines that were bigger
· Accessible up to and including No. 2 Sheet Metal or Rolled Rim/Spur Grommet, with more measurements to be backed in 2016
· Produced in the United States; Reinforced in the USA

Normal Gear
· Pedestal Stand

Optional Equipment
· Mobile Base
· Laser Target Light
· Adjustable Flag Gauge

Version 4KGW is the most advanced grommet machine in our line of business. This machine utilizes linkage that is progressive and pneumatic pressure to generate over 4,000 lbs of force; plenty of strength to cut through multiple layers of the toughest fabrics .

The 4KGW has less moving parts as opposed to machines that are grommet that are physical to simplify care problems. To provide maximum flexibility, it comes standard on a machine pedestal but is accessible on a fixed dish for bench mounting. A PLC based electronics program offers a system for growth and provides control over the individual functions of the machine.

· Pneumatically driven with toggle linkage which may generate over 4,000 pounds of force
· Sophisticated cutting technologies to punch a hole in variable-split materials
Pressure environment that is · swap to pay for variances in material depth
· Accessible for No. 00 to No. 4 Grommet and Washer dimensions (such as Telescopic, Tooth and Spur)
· PLC based controls for ideal device flexibility

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